Thanksgiving Foods to Stock Up in Your Tulsa Pantry

Boulder Ridge Pantry

There are plenty of ways to stock up on foods for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday season. With our apartments in Tulsa with pantries that extra storage space can help you and your family prepare for Thanksgiving this year. Here is a list of items to keep on stock in your pantry in preparation for the big day: Chicken and vegetable broth is an … [Read more...]

Create a Relay Team for Tulsa’s Williams Route 66 Marathon

Route 66 Marathon

If you love to get some fresh air and exercise, then you will love attending the marathons in Tulsa. Get out of your downtown apartments and be sure to participate in this fantastic event. Form your own relay team for the Williams Route 66 Marathon. This fantastic marathon is held on Nov. 23. You want to get started on your training and be sure … [Read more...]

Laugh in Tulsa at the Brian Regan Live Comedy Tour

Brian Regan

Do you need a laugh? Who doesn't these days? In one of the hottest events at the BOK Center this season, Brian Regan will have you in stitches. Clever and casual in his delivery, Regan manages to make you laugh without the stream of swear words that normally accompany a comedian's address. His humor is so down to earth, making it relatable to … [Read more...]

Learn the Right Way to Feed Your Almeda Park Puppy

Learn the Right Way to Feed Your Almeda Park Puppy

For new pet owners or those looking to keep new puppies healthy, there are many mysteries about pet food. Following a few tips, you will have all the answers you need to keep your pet healthy, energized and excited for meals. While pet-friendly apartments in Tulsa can be a fantastic home for pets, puppies need special care and attention even during … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Keep Your Cat Happy and Safe At Boulder Ridge


Our pet-friendly apartments in downtown Tulsa allow both dogs and cats, but if you're away from home most of the day, cats are easier to manage than dogs. Cats do still require some attention and preparation to insure that they're safe and happy inside while you're away. Here are a few tips for keeping your cat companion's complaints to a … [Read more...]

See the Wonder Years Play at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa

The Wonder Years

Enjoy the punk pop band The Wonder Years perform a concert at Cain's Ballroom. With their second album reaching the Billboard charts, they are now making an appearance in Tulsa for their The Story So Far Tour on Oct. 10. The Philadelphia band formed, taking the name of the TV show The Wonder Years. The group consists of  guitarists … [Read more...]

See “The Cat in the Hat” at VanTrease Performing Arts Center

See The Cat in the Hat at VanTrease Performing Arts Center

Who's that feline visitor who thinks he's all that? Why, of course it can only be The Cat in the Hat! If you love this Dr. Seuss classic, don't miss the theater production which brings to life The Cat, Thing One and Thing Two, and the Grumpy Gold Fish. Running September 26th through October 5th, this is one of the more wacky performing arts events in … [Read more...]

3 Tips for Refrigerating Your Tulsa Farmers Market Produce

3 Tips for Refrigerating Your Tulsa Farmers Market Produce

One of the perks of calling your apartment in Tulsa with frost-free refrigerator your home is easy access to fresh, healthy food at Cherry Street Farmers' Market. Started in 1998 with only a handful of vendors, Cherry Street Farmers' Market has grown to the largest, oldest, and most esteemed farm produce market in the Tulsa area that now accommodates … [Read more...]

Meal on Fried Mushrooms at Molly’s Landing

Molly's Landing

There are many fine restaurants in Tulsa, but if you have guests visiting and want a unique dining experience, head twenty minutes east to Catoosa and Molly's Landing on the banks of the Arkansas River. Their location is bucolic, some of their recipes are in the Route 66 Cookbook and their world famous deep fried and sautéed mushrooms are to die … [Read more...]

Highland Games Highlight Tulsa’s ScotFest

Scottish Highland Games

In the month of September celebrate Scottish heritage and culture at Scotfest. The three day event is one of the most popular festivals in Tulsa and there are dozens of events for the entire family, highlighted by the Highland Games. The Highland Games are an international showcase for all things Scottish. Originating in Ireland in 2000 B.C., the … [Read more...]

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Shop Vintage at the Amarillo Junk Hippy Roadshow

Shop Vintage at the Amarillo Junk Hippy Roadshow

Are you looking for an eclectic shopping experience just in time for the holidays? Do you find yourself giddy thinking of ways to re-purpose old items to help revamp a room or refresh your entire home? The Junk Hippy Roadshow is one of the few events in Amarillo that combines vintage treasure with handmade gems into a fun party-style shopping … [Read more...]

Pick the Perfect Bed for Your Case Apartment Pooch

Pick the Perfect Bed for Your Case Apartment Pooch

For the best pet-friendly apartment living, Case & Associates boasts apartments with exquisite features and state-of-the-art amenities. However, if you want your four-legged friend to enjoy the same level of comfort as you do, finding a suitable dog bed is the first step toward pet-friendly apartment living. Before storming to the nearest … [Read more...]

Get the App that Helps Support Local Oklahoma Businesses

Get the App that Helps Support Local Oklahoma Businesses

Perhaps you already make it a habit to support local businesses in Oklahoma, or you'd like to start showing your support. With the Keep it Local OK app, it makes it extremely easy for you to support local businesses. This app is perfect for helping you find the best local places around your neck of the woods. You can find restaurants, shops, … [Read more...]

Prepare Your Case Apartment for Holiday Guests

Prepare Your Case Apartment for Holiday Guests

With the holiday season just around the corner, it's time to engulf your Case apartment in a festive atmosphere. Here are some simple yet efficient apartment decorating tips that will help you turn your spare bedroom into a comfortable space for guests: Don’t over-decorate. While kitchen and living room decorations undoubtedly enhance the … [Read more...]

Register Early for the Turkey Trot in Edmond

Register Early for the Turkey Trot in Edmond

Fall events in Edmond, like the Turkey Trot, are perfect for getting the whole family to exercise a bit. Not only is it good for your health, but it's also fun. This is also a great way to kick off your Thanksgiving before you dive into your holiday feast. The Edmond Turkey Trot will be on November 27th. Lace up your running shoes, and compete … [Read more...]