Apartment Living in Tulsa: Losing Weight With Roommates

weight loss tips in tulsa

One thing about apartment living in Tulsa is that pool season is short, so you'll want to look good in your bathing suit on day one. If this entails losing extra pounds now by starting a diet and exercise regimen, then everyone in your household needs to be on board with your decision and plans. It's just too easy to get derailed by roommates stocking the … [Read more...]

3 Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe During Oklahoma’s Tornado Season

Tornado Safety Tips

One of the things our state is unfortunately famous for is tornadoes. If you have a beloved pet or a new and furry family addition living with you at your pet-friendly apartment in Tulsa, keeping your pet safe if a tornado strikes is an important concern for you. Here are a few tips to keep your pet safe during tornado season: Know where your … [Read more...]

Tie the Knot at Tulsa’s Most Unique Wedding Venues

Tulsa Garden Center

He offered the ring, and you said yes, now it is time to do some planning. One of the first steps when you are planning on tying the knot is to check out Tulsa wedding venues. There are several unique options in town to let your big day reflect who you and your betrothed are. Hardesty Arts Center Third Floor Terrace: This studio space offers … [Read more...]

Make Your Own String Art Apartment Decor

Make Your Own String Art Apartment Decor

Your Tulsa apartment is looking a little bare, but you're tired of the same framed prints and boring decorations. What should you do to liven the place up a bit? Try making your own DIY apartment decor and putting your own stamp on your place. Creating handmade decorations is a lot of fun, and it allows you to personalize your place. To create string … [Read more...]

Sweeten Your Date at Tulsa’s Frozen Yogurt Shops


There are plenty of places for dining out in Downtown Tulsa, including these froyo favorites. Orange Leaf - Froyo lovers unite at the "ultimate dessert experience". This self-serve spot tempts with Creamy & Delicious selections like Spice Up Your Life Pumpkin Pie and Awesome Strawberry Cheesecake as well as the Fruity & Fantastic options like … [Read more...]

How to Use the Dryer to De-Wrinkle Laundry


When laundry day rolls around, our pet-friendly Tulsa apartments with laundry facilities onsite make that chore one that you can get completed quickly and easily. The convenience of having a clothes care center right here in your own backyard means you don't have to load up your laundry and tote it across town to get it clean. This is even more convenient … [Read more...]

Apartment Renting Tips: Why You Should Pay Bills in the A.M.


There is a lot of evidence to support the theory that you should pay your bills in the morning rather than waiting until later in the day. When you first get out of bed at your pet-friendly apartments in Downtown Tulsa, go ahead and clear the sleep out of your eyes, then start working on your finances. Make sure those bills get paid first, too, because … [Read more...]

Tulsa Meditation Classes for a Fit Mind


Feeling stressed at your Tulsa apartment? Need a new and fresh way to unwind? Unlike other fitness classes in Tulsa, meditation helps you center yourself, feel calm and focused, and refreshes your body and spirit! Try some local classes today, and see what you've been missing. The Yoga Room offers meditation classes to help ease your stress, as well as … [Read more...]

Things to Do in Downtown Tulsa in the Deco District


The Deco District is one of the most interesting places in town. From 1st to 8th street and Denver to Cincinnati Avenue, there is plenty for you to see and discover when you head down to take a peek. Of all of the things to do in Downtown Tulsa, spending a day in this eclectic area should be high on your list. The area grew up during the 1920's and was … [Read more...]

Turn Your Hairy Beast Into a Groomed and Prim Pet in Tulsa


There are likely a few times during the day when you and your pet are enjoying an outing, getting some exercise, or relaxing at your pet-friendly apartment in Tulsa that you pay attention to your personal hygiene. Perhaps you brush your teeth, brush your hair, shave, or engage in other activities that improve your appearance or sense of well-being. Your … [Read more...]

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VIDEO: See Our Tulsa Apartments Up Close


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The Importance of Emergency Funds for Apartment Renters

The Importance of Emergency Funds for Apartment Renters

One thing you should definitely take into consideration when renting one of our Case & Associates apartments is building a "nest egg" of emergency funds. Most recommendations regarding emergency funds often call for saving at least six months' worth of expenses and leaving those funds alone until you absolutely have to have them. If you find … [Read more...]

Know What to Do if Your Pet is Poisoned

Know What to Do if Your Pet Is Poisoned

It's always nice to be able to share your Case & Associates apartment with your beloved four-legged companion, and you've likely created a home that is as pet-proof and safe for your pet as possible. Despite your precautions, however, there might come a time when your pet has gotten a little too curious about something and accidentally ingested a … [Read more...]

Tulsa and Oklahoma City Named Top Affordable Cities

Tulsa and Oklahoma City Named Top Affordable Cities

It's everyone's dream to find a comfortable area within America where they can live and raise a family. It is a big bonus when that place is also affordable. We are pleased to say that our premier apartments in Oklahoma fit that bill perfectly, and folks across the country are starting to take notice. Most people are surprised to learn that Tulsa is … [Read more...]

Decor DIY: Upgrade Your Furniture with Contact Paper

Decor DIY Upgrade Your Furniture with Contact Paper

Everyone likes to have nice furniture, but regardless of whether it's new or old, it doesn't take much for scratches and blemishes to besmirch the finish. When that happens, you can either refinish the piece, live with it, or touch it up so that your furniture looks brand new again. One easy apartment decorating tip is to pick up some contact paper from … [Read more...]

Mayfest: Tulsa’s Free, Four-Day Art and Music Festival

Mayfest Tulsa's Free, Four-Day Art and Music Festival

It's time to mark the calendar at your Case & Associates apartment and make sure you don't miss the Tulsa International Mayfest coming to the area in May. From May 15 to 18, this free, four-day art and music festival will be in town providing you with plenty of things to do and see in a family-friendly atmosphere. The Mayfest event will be held in … [Read more...]