Best Restaurant to Try Chicken Fried Steak in Tulsa

Best Restaurant to Try Chicken Fried Steak in Tulsa

Every once in a while, you want to get out of your apartments for a meal. It is okay to not want to cook all the time. You can check out some of the restaurants in Tulsa if you are wanting to go out for a delicious meal. If you're looking for the best restaurant to try chicken fried steak in Tulsa, check out Ollie's Station Restaurant. You will love … [Read more...]

Energy Efficient Tips to Keep You Warm During Winter in Tulsa

Double Pane Windows

Our Tulsa apartments with double pane windows provide residents with great views. They're perfect for keeping you and your family warmer during the winter and are also more energy efficient than standard windows. Double pane windows have two facing glass panels set in a frame, with a small space in between them. This space is only 0.5 inches to 0.75 … [Read more...]

See the Stars of So You Think You Can Dance at Brady Theater

So You Think You Can Dance Live Tour

You may enjoy staying in and watching your favorite TV shows, but what if you could see them performed live right before your eyes in your own city? If the season finale left you hungry for more, the cast of So You Think You Can Dance will perform on their world tour at Brady Theater this December. Events at Brady Theater encourage others to get up … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Foods to Stock Up in Your Tulsa Pantry

Boulder Ridge Pantry

There are plenty of ways to stock up on foods for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday season. With our apartments in Tulsa with pantries that extra storage space can help you and your family prepare for Thanksgiving this year. Here is a list of items to keep on stock in your pantry in preparation for the big day: Chicken and vegetable broth is an … [Read more...]

Create a Relay Team for Tulsa’s Williams Route 66 Marathon

Route 66 Marathon

If you love to get some fresh air and exercise, then you will love attending the marathons in Tulsa. Get out of your downtown apartments and be sure to participate in this fantastic event. Form your own relay team for the Williams Route 66 Marathon. This fantastic marathon is held on Nov. 23. You want to get started on your training and be sure … [Read more...]

Laugh in Tulsa at the Brian Regan Live Comedy Tour

Brian Regan

Do you need a laugh? Who doesn't these days? In one of the hottest events at the BOK Center this season, Brian Regan will have you in stitches. Clever and casual in his delivery, Regan manages to make you laugh without the stream of swear words that normally accompany a comedian's address. His humor is so down to earth, making it relatable to … [Read more...]

Learn the Right Way to Feed Your Almeda Park Puppy

Learn the Right Way to Feed Your Almeda Park Puppy

For new pet owners or those looking to keep new puppies healthy, there are many mysteries about pet food. Following a few tips, you will have all the answers you need to keep your pet healthy, energized and excited for meals. While pet-friendly apartments in Tulsa can be a fantastic home for pets, puppies need special care and attention even during … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Keep Your Cat Happy and Safe At Boulder Ridge


Our pet-friendly apartments in downtown Tulsa allow both dogs and cats, but if you're away from home most of the day, cats are easier to manage than dogs. Cats do still require some attention and preparation to insure that they're safe and happy inside while you're away. Here are a few tips for keeping your cat companion's complaints to a … [Read more...]

See the Wonder Years Play at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa

The Wonder Years

Enjoy the punk pop band The Wonder Years perform a concert at Cain's Ballroom. With their second album reaching the Billboard charts, they are now making an appearance in Tulsa for their The Story So Far Tour on Oct. 10. The Philadelphia band formed, taking the name of the TV show The Wonder Years. The group consists of  guitarists … [Read more...]

See “The Cat in the Hat” at VanTrease Performing Arts Center

See The Cat in the Hat at VanTrease Performing Arts Center

Who's that feline visitor who thinks he's all that? Why, of course it can only be The Cat in the Hat! If you love this Dr. Seuss classic, don't miss the theater production which brings to life The Cat, Thing One and Thing Two, and the Grumpy Gold Fish. Running September 26th through October 5th, this is one of the more wacky performing arts events in … [Read more...]

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4 Tips to Help Residents Have a Comfortable Move-In Day

4 Tips to Help Residents Have a Comfortable Move-In Day

There are many things that property management companies can do to help new residents move in smoothly. These move-in day tips will help make the process comfortable, leading to a strong relationship with your new residents from day one: A good moving day experience can start before the removal van even arrives. Help relieve the stress by … [Read more...]

Curb Appeal: Ways to Make a Property Beautiful in the Winter

Curb Appeal Ways to Make a Property Beautiful in the Winter

Taking care of an apartment community isn't always easy. You'll want to make it look good and appealing. If you are trying to increase property curb appeal in the wintertime, this can be a challenge. There are a few tips to help you out. When it comes to property curb appeal, here are some ways to make an apartment community beautiful in the … [Read more...]

Property Managers: The Best Colors to Paint Apartments

Property Managers The Best Colors to Paint Apartments

As property managers, it is important be on top of apartment paint color trends and pick shades that residents won't mind. For instance, you'll want to pick a color that will appeal to a wide group of people. Make note of the following painting ideas for apartments. Pick a shade that is neutral or lightly tinted, staying away from bright, bold … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Apartment Community Feel New Again

How to Make Your Apartment Community Feel New Again

Anyone moving into an apartment loves the look and feel of their unit. But after a while, it will start looking used. Here are some apartment maintenance tips to help refresh the look of your apartment community. Help keep the community looking beautiful by picking up after yourself. Don't allow your personal outdoor space to be neglected. You can … [Read more...]

Creative Events to Bring the Apartment Community Together

Creative Events to Bring the Apartment Community Together

Apartment communities can offer wonderful floor plans and beautiful facilities tot draw residents in. However, it's a thriving community feeling that turns housing units into a home. Using a little creativity and some resident retention tips, it's not too hard to host events that bring people together, get them laughing and talking, and help forge … [Read more...]